Walnut Wood Stain is Trending With Organic Homes

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Wood stains come in a wide range of colors. Walnut is one of the most popular colors; it’s a deep, rich brown that matches most types of home decor. To achieve the look, you could choose a floor made from walnut wood. You wouldn’t even need to stain it in that case. However, if you already have the floor that you like, you can use a walnut stain to achieve the look. Some homeowners are choosing an organic, all-natural way to achieve the look of walnut. That would be the walnuts themselves. 

Walnut Tannin

If you have a tree that produces nuts, you’ve likely noticed that the concrete underneath the tree is likely stained. Many types of nuts, walnuts included, contain natural tannins that stain any surface they come in contact with. Tannin are the pigments that give red wine its color, as well. That’s why red wine stains. 

So, to achieve the completely organic look, some homeowners are leeching the tannin from the walnuts and using that to stain their floors. The process is fairly simple. 

How to Do It

First, you need to source your walnuts. If you have a walnut tree, that would be ideal. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy them. To achieve a basic coat of stain, you’ll need about fifteen walnuts per gallon of water. All walnuts produce the tannin, so any walnut will produce a reliable wood stain. Black walnuts produce the darkest stain, though. 

Shell the walnuts and place them into a pot of water. This process will permanently stain the pot, so choose one that’s already dark or one that you don’t mind staining. You’ll then bring the walnuts to a simmer and allow them to simmer for anywhere from 4 to twelve hours. To fully extract the tannin, you might need to simmer for a full twelve hours. If you choose dry walnut hulls, it will likely be easier to let them sit in the water overnight before you boil them; dry hulls need to be re-hydrated. 

Strain the mixture to get all of the hull bits out. Make sure to spread newspaper or painter’s cloth around to keep the stain contained. 

Once you’ve strained the mixture, you should use it pretty quickly. The wood floor stain by DuraSeal Quick Coat Stain will be resistant to ultraviolet fading and once you seal it, it will be resistant to wearing away. If you add some vinegar to the mixture, you can store it for later use.

Hire a Local Professional Hardwood Refinishing Company

To get the best floor possible, trust wood staining to professional hardwood refinishers. It’s a difficult process that can produce beautiful results by those with experience. For those DIY types, this could get ugly fast!

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