A Touch of Gray is Replacing Greige

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Gray has long been trending in hardwood flooring. It seems now that the trend is entering a new stage. At first, solid gray was on the rise; those were floors that were stained with gray stain in different amounts. Some homeowners chose to use a thin layer of gray to cast a pallor across their floors and wash them out. Others used several coats to create floors that were legitimately gray. That trend eventually gave way to the use of greige. Greige is a mixture of gray and beige that preserves some of the natural brown of the wood while still being fairly gray in color. This can be achieved by mixing gray and beige floor stains or by buying a greige stain. Finally, it seems that a touch of gray is gaining ground. 

What is a Touch of Gray?

In many ways, a touch of gray might look no different than greige. The difference lies largely in the application. Greige is usually a mixture of gray and beige stain to create the desired effect. The touch of gray is basically a difference in degree. Greige might be as much as 80% gray in the mixture. The touch of gray is a very small amount of gray. It’s maybe 25% gray or less. That can be achieved by mixing gray stain with a natural wood stain. It can also be made by applying a very thin coat of gray stain. It’s not enough to make the floor actually look gray but it’s enough to be noticeable. That will wash out the colors of a natural hardwood finish to give it a more muted look. 

This is especially popular with those who have weathered hardwood flooring or are attempting a weathered look. The touch of gray can add a subtle note of aging to floors. They’ll look as if the natural color has washed out a little. 

When to Use It?

The touch of gray trend works best with natural hardwoods that are already light in color. If they’re already a light color, they’ll look somewhat washed out. Deeper, darker colors such as coffee, chocolate, and even ebony, won’t look washed out so much as just faded. That might not be the look you’re going for. The key is for the color to look deliberate. Adding gray to a dark color might look like an accident, or even as if your floor is just dusty. 

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