Hardwood Refinishing

We can give your floors a new lease on life with our hardwood refinishing. Refinishing hardwood flooring allows the floor to return to its original state of beauty and shine. We follow the NWFA guidelines for our refinishing jobs. AG floors has a great deal of collective experience and well trained employees. Our team is experienced in both installation and refinishing and we continue our training each year as the industry changes. We use the best equipment to ensure our team can provide you the best finished product. By combining top equipment and high quality finishes we give you a beautiful, durable and easy to maintain floor you can enjoy for years to come.

When looking into refinishing your floor you may find that a lot of concerns about dust arise. Dust does not have to be a concern. With the right equipment, crew and vacuums we can provide a 99% dust free project. Our crews arrive at your home with a trailer mounted vacuum system. These vacuums feature a electric motor that can power a tractor. These ensures the most dust possible is contained and removed from your home to be bagged. Bagging the dust outside helps to keep even more dust from entering your home. This system is cutting edge and truly a must for your project.



Hardwood is a durable flooring time but over years of use it will start to wear and need to be refinished. The sanding and finishing process will remove the old worn layer and allow you to have a fresh, shiny and beautiful finish again. The transformation that your floor undergoes in just a day or two is remarkable.

You can expect the following from a wood floor refinish:

  • Both minor and major scratches removed
  • Cracks filled
  • Sheen is returned to uniform even look Dirt and germs are removed
  • Many pet stains removed, but not guranteed
  • Floor is smooth
  • Beautiful floor you will love 2-3 day process depending on your home size and layout
  • Floor will be maintenance free for up to 8 years

How you can expect our Employees to Be:

  • Punctual Property treated with respect Job site kept tidy
  • Receptive and helpful with special needs or requests
  • Communicate well and answer questions
  • Background checked for your safety and peace of mind
  • Walk thru is preformed at the end of the job to address any concerns